SHOCKING CCTV Reckless dash in path of moving train

Caught on CCTV: Shocking moment passenger jumps on tracks and runs in front of train in bid to stop it as it pulls away from platform Train was leaving Crosskeys station in Ebbw Valley on May 15 Man sprinted into station from opposite platform and ran across tracks Train managed to stop in time as passenger tried in vain to get on train British Transport Police condemn actions as 'utterly stupid' This is the shocking moment a passenger jumps from a platform and runs in front of a moving train in a bid to stop it departing a station. The 19.40 Ebbw Vale to Cardiff Central station was preparing to leave Crosskeys station on May 15 when the passenger launched a desperate bid to get on board. The white man, wearing a red t-shirt and dark trousers, sprints from the pathway leading up to the station to the opposing platform before leaping onto the tracks. He crosses directly in front of the train which is forced to screech to a halt. But they remain locked as a train steward leans out of the front carriage to berate the man. After a brief exchange, the doors remain closed and the train pulls away. British Transport Police condemned the man's actions as 'utter stupidity' and have released footage of the incident in a bid to catch the offender.

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