Robot arm creates paintings inspired by sleep

The most terrifying proposal ever

Rolls Royce Rally Car

Never Give A Cop The Finger!

When the excessive shakes What happens

Man falls into frozen pond while fleeing from police - New Years day 2013

I was spending the day with family when we spotted some police. We initially thought someone had robbed a store but as we got closer we spotted a man in the water. From what we were able to gather the man was fleeing from the police. He ran over the pond and the ice broke. I was able to capture the moment he went under. We waited there for a little over an hour and they had not pulled him out yet. Note: I had my police scanner app running to keep us updated on the situation. So that's what you'll hear over the video. -.- Location: Champaign, IL Date: 1-1-2013

If there is not a man, all

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