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Romania's Got Talent Winner slows Heart to 0!!!!

A 31-year-old mentalist has won Romania's Got Talent after slowing his heartbeat so much that a heart monitor showed a total lack of cardiac activity.

Christian Gog went home with the $155,000 prize on Friday after declaring he would "defy death live on air".

Video which aired on Romanian network Pro TV shows Mr Gog on stage hooked up to an EKG machine and accompanied by a doctor who monitors the machine as a nurse checks his pulse. 

Moments after his act, Mr Gog stuns the judges again by opening a suitcase and revealing sheets of paper with the comments they had just made written on them, the Bucharest Herald reports. 

Mr Gog was overjoyed when he was announced the winner, exclaiming in Romanian: "When I did the act I was left without heart beats and now I'm left without words!" 

The second place winner was a man who performed a popular robot dance, while third place was claimed by a woman who solved a Rubik's cube blindfolded with only on hand.

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