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New Supercharged V6 Jaguar XF and XJ First Drive AWD Tech Demo

The newly revised Jaguar XF and XJ may look the same for the 2013 model year but it's what under the skin that makes them all new. First and foremost is a new super charged 3.0L that produced 340 horsepower. Unlike the previous generation of both cars in the United States you can now have your Jaguar with a V6. But perhaps what's more important to Jaguar is that both cars now feed power to all four wheels instead of just the back two. This means that Jaguar can directly compete with cars from other premium brands like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In this exclusive TFLcar video we are hosted by Jaguar in snowy Quebec to see just how well the newest awl-wheel-drive Jaguar handle the snow and freezing rain of the Great White North.

The Dancing Christmas Cop



Klan Kosova Klepto

Biker man vs a crowd of dogs EXTREME

Man 3nt Years


Help this Stupid Girl Get Her IPHONE BACK! by Sharing This Video. She thinks if you share this video she will find the THIEF! Stupid Girl from California looses her Iphone 5 help her find it before she buys a new one!

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Crazy Drift Show With BMW e30 !!!

Zone e Lire Arian Cani & Geraldo Biba Mister Albania

Video failed, ridiculous

Proposal at nursing college

VIP Shpija 3 Shkendije & Rezi

Omer & NOIZY

That's why we have to lose weight

Wash in ice

Mall Metal Detector

Tallest building in Amsterdam obscure!

Peter Parkour - London's Spider-Man

Chick Bank robber

 just stole a car and robbed a bank. Now I'm rich, I can pay off my college financial aid and tomorrow i'm going for a shopping spree. Bite me. I love GREENDAY!

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JEM - Ghetto superstar (Audience Perspective The X Factor)

Victor Valdez Amaizing Saving Penalty Levante Vs Barcelona

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Bleona Qereti Failed

Alien Boy

Tightest Parallel Park - NEW RECORD! - Guinness World Records Classics

The tightest parallel park is 14 cm (5.51 in) and was achieved by Ronny Wechselberger aka Ronny C' Rock (Germany), at Flugplatz Kindel in Eisenach, Germany, on 18 June 2012. The feat was recorded for the TV show GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS - Wir holen den Rekord nach Deutschland, aired on RTL2 (Germany). Ronny used a VW Up with a length of 3.54 m (11 ft 7.37 in), which he parked into a 3.68-cm-long (12 ft 0.88 in) space, marked by two other Ups. The distance was measured electronically with a laser device as well as a measuring tape. Welcome to the official Guinness World Records YouTube channel! If you're looking for videos featuring the world's tallest, shortest, fastest, longest, oldest and most incredible things on the planet, you're in the right place.

Most Pierced Woman

Eating a whole live octopus in Korea

Adrian Gaxha ft Floriani - Ngjyra e kuqe (Official Video)

Vali Corleone Next

X Factor - Lorna Hysa

Diane Sawyer appears drunk or really tired

 ABC election coverage co-anchor Diane Sawyer had difficulties on-air Tuesday night — enough to stoke the Twittersphere with claims that she was "drunk." Sawyer stumbled through some words leading up to the 11:00 p.m. EST hour, providing a few awkward moments for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was a guest during the coverage. New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter seemed to dismiss the idea that Sawyer had been knocking back a few during breaks, and suggested she was just getting weary as the night wore on: Diane Sawyer's name is trending. Many people saying she seems drunk on air.


Country Girl Shake

Revenge of blue woman

Brazil Couple's Passionate KISS on a Motorbike at 50mph

Crazy student hours of instruction

London, 28 women in a Mini Cooper

Killer Karaoke - Head Case

Check out TV's most outrageous new show, Killer Karaoke! Once they start singing, you won't stop laughing! Watch it Fridays at 9P starting Nov 23, only on truTV.

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Very wise woman !

14-Year-Old Murders Newborn Seconds After Birth

14-year is accused of choking her newborn to death while the baby was still attached to her by the umbilical cord.

Cassidy Goodson of Lakeland, Fla. is charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse, according to the Ledger.

Goodson gave birth to a boy in the bathroom of her home on Sept. 19, ABC News reports.

Police say the high school freshman ultimately used scissors to pry the baby out of her body and into the toilet. Lifting the baby out of the toilet, Goodson "placed her hands on the infant's neck and squeezed until he wasn't moving or breathing any longer," according to a statement released by Polk County Sheriff's Office on Friday.

Goodson allegedly killed the child because she "didn't know what to do with it," officials told WTSP.

Goodson had reportedly been wearing baggy clothes to hide from her family that she was pregnant. Two aunts suspected the teen was pregnant, but the girl's mother, Teresa Goodson, "was in complete denial," Sheriff Grady Judd told the Ledger.

As evidence that she wasn't pregnant, Cassidy Goodson had shown her mother two home pregnancy tests that turned up negative. However, the teen had conducted the tests completely alone.

Three days after the birth, the Sheriff's Office received a call reporting that Teresa Goodson, Cassidy Goodson's mother, had found a dead baby inside a shoe box in her home. Teresa Goodson said she found the body when she noticed an odor coming from her daughter's bedroom.

Judd believes that Cassidy Goodson's young age should be taken into account. "Let's remember she is a child," he said. "Where was her support system?"

Officials are considering charging adults who may have known about the pregnancy and kept it a secret. Prosecutors are have not yet decided whether to charge Cassidy Goodson as an adult. Investigators are currently trying to determine the baby's father.

Princ Lulzim Salihi - Princ Valentino Corleone - Vali Corleone

Master of Money

Karmin on the Cover of Rolling Stone

Tragic accidents due to carelessness of drivers

Klepto & Duffy

Funny Girls for Boys

Albanian Flags 28 November

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