London Canal Party: Canalival on Regent's Canal

This London canal party on water was supposed to have been called off due to health and safety fears - but it seems these London canal party goers didn't get the memo. Hundreds ignored the official cancellation to hop aboard their dinghies and enjoy 2013 Canalival on Regents Canal in London. A narrowboat, complete with a booming sound system, led the inflatable flotilla along London's Regents Canal. The crowd set off from Gainsbourgh Studios and slowly drifted east to Hackney before partying into the evening. The event was generally good-natured but the earlier cancellation meant there was a lack of adequate facilities, local homeowners said, and some complained about littering and rowdiness. However, judging by these lively scenes, it didn't seem to deflate the party too much. Filmed & Edited by Ian Phillips

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